Local Area

In addition, you can find a typical village few miles away, presenting its weekly market, offering a rich variety of regional products, confirming the great reputation of Normandy (Cider, terrines, different kind of cheese, sausage, Caen’s tripe and our famous…frogs !!)

Take time to discover the historical heritage of Normandy. Here, you are in the heart of Operation Neptune, also known as the Normandy landing, during World War II. The venue of the largest seaborne invasion in history offers museums presenting D-Day, Caen’s memorial and important beaches.

Also, at Normandy, you can see Mont Saint Michel, the Etretat’s cliffs, the castle of William the Conqueror, Deauville and Trouville cities… we understand that during your fishing sessions, you might not be able to visit all these places. Never mind!! It will be a pleasure to welcome you again another time!!